Best ways of keeping your car clean

how to clean your car

We all get dirty. Woman, men, and especially cars. There is no surprise here, all types of transport must be cleaned. But how to do it in the best possible way? How to keep your car in a perfect condition so that you can drive to any place at any time without feeling shame caused by its condition and visual appeal? Fortunately, keeping your car clean is not a very complicated activity but the most important thing is that it must be done on a regular basis.

How to keep your car clean?

Let’s say you have been a naughty driver and your car now is in a real mess. You have had your dirty fun. Now you need to clean up. If you would have rented a car for a while by using London escort services, you could have just give it back and leave the cleaning for others. But let’s say that you want to do it yourself and you do not want help. How to make your escort clean? First, you should evaluate the car, check if its exterior needs polishing or what is its overall condition. Then choose the best cleaning chemicals and wash your car. Use clay bar to get rid of any contaminants and a compound to deal with scratches and etchings. After that polish the car for extra gloss and use wax to keep that shiny effect in place for a long time. Do not forget about headlights, wheels and the interior. After a while your escort will be a sparkling beauty, smooth and shiny, clean like at that moment when you had first seen her.

Do not treat cleaning as a burden

Cleaning your escort should never be a disagreeable obligation. It should come as easily as brushing your teeth. You do not have to be a master of cleaning to keep your car washed and as beautiful as new. There are no special cleaning skills you need to learn. Just do that from time to time with a smile on your face and it can be the most intimate and pleasurable moment with your escort. Show some special love to your supercar and wash it carefully and thoroughly. You will not regret keeping it neat and clean.